Risk is everywhere. Be it an object, property or life, everything needs security from various threats. Insurance is a policy that acts a means of protection from financial loss. As a company, our main motto is to always provide you with the best financial products and services. Since ages, people have relied on insurance policies to keep their peace of mind intact.

And with the same motive of welfare, we provide a number of insurance policies that can help our clients pursue growth without hesitation. We provide Life Insurance policies like Term Life, Money-back Policy, Unit-Linked Insurance Plan, Pension Plans, and General Insurances like Motor Insurance, Home Insurance, Health Insurance, Fire Insurance.

For a life better than the oridnary, Insurance helps one in keeping up with their life in peace and rejoice in the journey.

Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is an adeptly managed investment fund that pools money from many investors to purchase securities. Investment in mutual fund schemes can be done through Lump sum, Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs), Systematic Transfer Plan (STPs), Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWPs) and New fund offers (NFOs) across all the asset class be it - Equity, Debt, Balanced or Tax-Saving funds.

Our Cross Margin facility gives you an option to leverage your mutual fund units (for select funds only) for the margin required to trade in equities, derivatives and currencies. This offers you an added advantage of trading for short-term while making investments in mutual funds for long-term.

We are giving personalized service with a one-to-one contact with the client. HNI traders’ calls are filtered after a lot of efforts put by the team of experienced analysts. We provide tips to help the high net worth individuals to put their money on the right track and multiply it by investing in the right avenues.

Apart from regulated by a governmental body, and having tax benefits, Mutual Funds holding increases diversification, which in turn decreases the risk. With 9,000+ schemes across 35 AMC's, to invest in, our advanced trading platforms are available 24*7, for instant order placement and confirmation.


We all come across junctions in our lives when we are in dire need of money and at those times loan can become our messiah and save us. To aid in such situations, we provide a variety of loans like Mortgages, Home Loan, Student Loans, Personal Loans, Vehicle Loans and Business Loans. Mortgages are used by consumers to finance home purchases.

Most student loan borrowers opt to take out federal student loans, which have fixed interest rates and don't have to be repaid until a few months after graduation. Personal loans are the most versatile loan type on the consumer lending market.

Personal loans can be borrowed for debt consolidation, day-to-day living expenses, vacations or credit building, among other things. In any case, a loan can save and make someone’s life.


People often underestimate the role of personal finance without realizing its importance in the long run. Personal Finance and its management is the first step before making any kind of investment.

It usually includes budgeting, saving, spending, and investing your hard-earned money in the most appropriate way possible. Here are some of our investment products:

Corporate Bond

A corporate bond is a bond issued by a corporation in order to raise financing for a variety of reasons such as to ongoing operations, or to expand business. The term is usually applied to longer-term debt instruments, with maturity of at least one year.

Some of the best advantages of investing in corporate bonds are - low risk, rated by credit rating agencies, option for re-investing the principal along with the interest to enjoy compounding interest benefits, flexibility in choosing frequency of interest payout - be it monthly, quarterly, half yearly, yearly or on maturity, comparatively better returns than traditional bonds and exit option with premature withdrawals permissible.

With such phenomenal perks of possessing it, a smart investor will never ignore to consider it in their portfolio.

MoneyFounder Insta

MoneyFounder Insta can help you attain the ideal future you have envisioned with the most efficient management of your hard-earned money. With proper assessment, goal setting, plan creation, execution, monitoring & reassessment, you will be all set to achieve anything you dream of.

Real Estate Investments

Real estate investments can be made by buying a commercial or residential property directly. However, people usually buy a house either for self-occupation or to earn rental income and capital gains from it.

Yet, as per most financial advisors, investing in real estate to earn rental income is not considered as a good investment. It is so, because rental income earned from house range are usually some percentage a year, while the appreciation in the prices of house property depends on various factors such as size, locality, location, etc. Thus, you need our apt guidance to make the most out of your investments.


Any big endeavour starts from somewhere. This is how companies first appear in the financial markets - through IPOs. An initial public offering, or IPO, is the very first sale of stock issued by a company to the public. Prior to an IPO, the company is considered private, with a relatively small number of shareholders made up primarily of early investors such as the founders, their families and friends. Until a company’s stock is offered for sale to the public, the public is unable to invest in it. This is why an IPO is often referred to as ‘going public’.

As financial advisors and we strive to provide you with timely guidance and complete map with easy ways to apply for IPO. You can use the online IPO application portal on our website or mobile app and apply at BSE and NSE in a convenient way within minutes. You can also modify or cancel (when the IPO bidding is open) in just one click. Another traditional way is to apply offline by approaching us directly, by visiting our branch to fill an ASBA. It can be done by simply provides details of your bank account, PAN number and Demat account. And you are ready to go public.