General Trading

It is an art of finding the perfect balance between risk & return and make a profit out of it. However, not all can trade well themselves, here’s where traders play a role. Traders buy and sell shares in any financial market, on behalf of investors and other such institutions. It is usually done via an online trading account that facilitates making investments in equities and derivatives.

Being a single platform for multiple exchanges like BSE & NSE (Cash & F&O), MCX, traders can place instant order for shares and get trade confirmations in minutes. MoneyFounder as your expert trading partner charges merely 0.04 paisa to 0.05 paisa per intraday trading as the brokerage fee and delivers the shares in cash market trading at 0.40 paisa to 0.50 paisa fee, only.

HNI Trading

‘Unless you choose to do great things with it, it makes no difference how much you are rewarded, or how much power you have’, says Oprah Winfrey. And this is exactly what defines HNI that stands for ‘High Networth Individual’, who are persons/entities with over Rs. 25 lacs in portfolio money.

They usually don’t have enough time to watch equity cash market movements themselves and seek an expert to do it on their behalf. However, even regular traders at times are not able to trade for 3-4 times on intraday basis. Because of this, they hire a specialist like us. It is one of our premium services, exclusively designed for those traders who want to trade under the continuous guidance of market experts.

We are giving personalized service with a one-to-one contact with the client. HNI traders’ calls are filtered after a lot of efforts put by the team of experienced analysts. We provide tips to help the high net worth individuals to put their money on the right track and multiply it by investing in the right avenues.

We follow a top-down approach, where we cover all the factors affecting the market to minimize the risk. We charge a brokerage of 0.01 paisa to 0.02 paisa per intra-day trading and 0.10 paisa to 0.20 paisa for delivery in cash market trading. Let our experts help you in gaining the best.

Advisory Management

Advisory management services allow private individuals to consult with investment professionals before making changes to their portfolios. With expertise in many investment areas, we can provide guidance that is tailored to an individual's specific situation. As Investment Advisors, we provide 2-4 intraday stock cash calls in NSE/BSE with a high level of accuracy on a regular basis.

Traders can also avail Free Stock Tips to test our accuracy and if satisfied, you can join stock cash services with Capital Stars. Traders get sufficient time to enter in our calls to maximize your profits with us. All our tips & tricks are cent per cent based on technical analysis and charting.

We also provide stock market’s live updates and news, equity intraday tips & calls on a real-time basis. To keep you ahead of all, we also provide complimentary 1-2 priority calls every month, along with a daily newsletter and a detailed Weekly Report through SMS and chat rooms, as preferable by the clients.

PCS Trading

For investors and traders who seek expert’s guidance to manage their investments, PCS is the perfect answer. Portfolio Consultancy Services offer professional management of your investment portfolio with an aim to deliver consistent returns with minimum possible risk.

It will relieve you from all monitoring hassles with benefits like regular reviews, strong risk management flexibility, making it an ideal investment avenue for high net worth investors.

Given the unpredictable nature of the markets, our fund manager's experience and skill set along with strong research back-up come to use. It makes your investment grow over the period and help you to achieve your financial goals.

Delta Trading

Delta is one of the main reasons option prices move the way that they do, and it's an indicator of how to invest. It is one of the major risk measures, for skilled options traders to analyze and make use of in their trading strategies.

This tool not only decodes your payoff at different price levels and volatility, but also provides risk assessment and management through parameters like market volatility, delta, theta, vega, and gamma.

Our trained professional traders simulate positions to see possible impacts and execute trades to get your desired pay-off. Delta trading also guides investors in choosing the alterations based on the four major risk measures derived from the magic Greek words. Assign us to monitor your option positions and assists in risk assessment, while you have your peace of mind yet make a profit.

Forex Trading

It is one thing to trade within the limits of one’s own territory and quite another to trade in the international markets. Forex trading refers to the global, over-the-counter market (OTC) where traders, investors, institutions and banks, exchange, speculate on, buy and sell world currencies.

The trading is conducted over the ‘interbank market’, an online channel through which currencies are traded 24 hours a day, five days a week. It is one of the largest trading markets, with a global daily turnover estimated to exceed US$5 trillion. With an eye for detail, we delve into each of our transaction with much deliberation and transaction.